VID2IMG - Simple Extract Images From Videos

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VID2IMG is an intuitive and powerful software solution specialized in extracting still images from video footage.
Actually only for Windows computer - simple to use with an .exe file.

With this technology, users can realize a variety of applications ranging from editing individual images to reconstructing videos (additional software required).

For example, VID2IMG allows users to edit 360° videos and anonymize specific areas, such as faces or license plates, in the extracted images. This is particularly useful in situations where privacy and anonymity are of the utmost importance.

In addition, the software can be used in the field of photogrammetry to create detailed 3D models from individual images. This greatly expands the application possibilities, since not only static images, but also video materials can now be used for this task.

But the application possibilities of VID2IMG are even more diverse. The software is ideal for use in AI-supported projects, analysis methods, data evaluations and visualizations. Whether you want to perform accurate image analysis or break down complex video data, VID2IMG provides the flexibility and precision to make it happen.

VID2IMG comes with the following features:

  • User-friendly graphical user interface for easy operation
  • Supports most popular video formats (MP4, AVI, MOV)
  • Allows setting specific frame intervals for extraction
  • Selectable image formats for output (JPG, PNG)
  • Freely selectable start and end time for the extraction area
  • Progress bar during processing
  • Possibility of early termination of the processing process
  • Choose your own name for the images
  • Automatically save the extracted images in a selected folder

VID2IMG is currently available exclusively on Gumroad and its current version
(as of May 2023) is optimized exclusively for Windows operating systems.

However, we are actively working on a MacOS version that is expected to be released in Q3 2023.

In particular, we have our eye on the owners of 360° cameras with multiple lenses, such as the Insta360 Pro2 or the Insta360 Titan.
A great update is currently in development that will allow batch processing of up to eight videos.

This means that you can load eight video files at the same time and edit all eight videos one after the other with just one click.

Our vision is to simplify workflow and maximize productivity by making the video editing process as efficient as possible.


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Refund Policy

As a customer, you have the fundamental right to withdraw from this contract without giving any reason. However, since the software we offer is digital content that is not delivered on a physical data carrier, we would like to point out that the right of withdrawal expires as soon as we have started to execute the contract.

By purchasing the software, you agree that we will start executing the contract before the end of the cancellation period and you confirm that you lose your right of cancellation by agreeing to the beginning of the execution of the contract.

Last updated May 17, 2023

You will receive an executable .EXE file. No installation or setup required.

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VID2IMG - Simple Extract Images From Videos

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